Why Install an Automatic Watering System?


There are numerous reasons to install automated irrigate to your garden but most common are these;


1. It saves time compared by watering by hand.

2. It saves water , up to 80% compared by hand in an average garden.

3. It saves money by reducing metered water bills and plant loss.

4. it saves water as so helps the environment.

5. Watering is normally carried out during the night to minimise water lost through evaporation.


Micro Sprinklers


Micro sprinkler sysyems are usually recomended for installation to wider mixed shrub and flower boarders. They remain descreetly above ground and deliver a fine mist of spray to the required areas. Spray patterns can be varied to ensure correct coverage as can there frquency of opperation depending on the complexity of the system fitted. Usually fitted in conjunction with pop up sprinklers there combination ensures that the irrigation solutions of a specific garden is met even in the most varied of conditions.

Automatic Watering Systems

Pop up Sprinklers


Pop-up sprinklers are normally recomended for use in the lawned areas of a garden. They are very descreet as they are fitted underground and are invisible until they are activated. After they have risen and worked there magic they return to the ground , flush with the soil surface so as not to interfer with mowing etc. Sprayer sizes and spray patterns can be varied to ensure the correct water coverage for your lawn plus they can be incorperated into larger systems covering shrub boarders via micro sprinklers or drip hoses.

System design and Instalation


A well designed system will save you time, money, water and give you peace of mind. Installed properly and mainted by us  it will help your garden flourish even if you don't have green fingers.


After initial consultation we will design, draw and instal a system that works for you. Based on your gardens needs, this process will take into account, water pressure, flow rate, plant needs, availibility of water and also your budget.


With simple systems for smaller gardens starting at around £800and more copmplex multi zone fully automated systems around £3000 for an average size garden it's probadly more affordable then you had imagined. For a free garden visit please drop me a note via the contact us page.